The Galactosaemia Support Group

The Galactosaemia Support Group brings families with galactosaemic children and adult galactosaemics into contact with each other and offers support where most needed. Through the group, the families are able to share experiences, help each other with problems and exchange information and ideas.

We currently represent a wide cross-section of members and their families accross the UK and the rest of the world. We also continue to forge links with a network of other associations.

A key part of our approach is to promote awareness of galactosaemia within the medical and teaching professions, the food and pharmaceutical industries and the general public at large.

The Group organises events, away days and weekend breaks together with biennial medical conferences and seminars.

We also produce a wide range of literature and support material for members, in association with qualified dieticians, including newsletters and product updates.

Aims Of The GSG

Our core aims are as follows:

  • To promote contact between sufferers of Galactosaemia and their respective families.
  • To promote public awareness within the United Kingdom of the metabolic disease known as Galactosaemia.
  • To promote the awareness within the medical profession of the symptoms of galactosaemia in new born children leading to earlier detection of the disease and potential problems encountered in the physical, mental and medical development of the child.
  • To promote the awareness within the teaching profession of the potential educational difficulties encountered by sufferers of Galactosaemia.
  • To raise funds specifically for the purposes of financing research into Galactosaemia.
  • To promote contact with international groups and organisations with similar aims and objectives.

To find out more, or to join us, please contact Sue by email,via the address at the bottom of the page or use our contact page.