Medical Advisory Panel of the GSG

The Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) was formed in 1994 to help and advise us. Two members of the committee meet annually with the medical panel professionals. They help us write leaflets, suggest speakers for the conference, assess applications for funding and throughout the year answer any medical problems posed by our members and other professionals. Over the years we have had a number of different professionals as members of our MAP.

The current members are:

Dr Si Santra

Consultant Paediatrician
Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Dr Anita MacDonald

Head of Dietetic Services
Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Dr Naomi Dale

Head of Psychology (Neurodisability)
The Wolfson Neurodisability Service
Great Ormond Street Hospital

Dr Helena Kemp

Consultant Clinical Pathologist
Southmead Hospital

Louise Roberson

Specialist Dietitian,
Inherited Metabolic Diseases
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Pat Portnoi

GSG Dietitian and Register

Karen Ford


Sue Bevington

Chief Executive