The GSG is committed to the accessibility of their members and website users. Due to this, our site has been designed and made with accessibility in mind and we hope meets your needs.  We aim to comply with all Level A guidelines in the Web Accessibility Initiative Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 throughout our core digital content. We will continue working to exceed this standard and meet Level AA guidelines in the future.

Below you can find out a little more about what we have added and built into the site, as well as some changes you can make on your system to help yourself as a user.  If you still need help, or can suggest some improvements to help yourself and others, please contact us.

Text Size (Smaller of Larger)

The easiest way to change the text size on our site is to use the 'Control' button (marked CTRL on the keyboard) and the + or - buttons on a windows computer. A Mac user can use the 'Command' button with the + or - buttons to zoom in or out with the text.


Control, + and - buttons on a pc keyboard


Control, + and - buttons on a mac keyboard

Colour Selection

Cant see the site properly? If not, we suggest overriding the site styling with your own that helps you best. You can do this in your browser options. Please contact us if you are having problems with this and we will do our best to advise you.

Skip To Main Content

If you are viewing the site from a screen reader or using your keyboard to access the site, remember we have a skip to content link available for you.  This will allow you to skip past the menu, and straight to the information you want to see.

Alt & Title Text On Images

Not seeing an image is always annoying.  Whatever the reason, if you are viewing the page via a screen reader or the image is linked incorrectly or just not able to load.  We have added alt images to all the images on our site to make life easier for yourself.


If you are a vision impaired user, you can hover your mouse over a image and the title text will show you a description of the image should you not be able to see it correctly.


We understand that not everyone visiting the GSG website may be able to speak or read English, we therefore have a drop-down translator at the bottom of our pages.

Users may feel free to change the language from the menu to change the pages language.  The menu is powered by google translate, and we are always open to suggestions for new languages to add to the menu.

Link outline

You may have noticed links change when the mouse rolls over them.  This may be an underline, or the background and text change colour.

Users using screen readers or blind and partially sighted people may find these useful in controlling where they are on the page and finding and using the links provided.

Contact Forms

Where possible all the forms on the GSG website are made with accessibility in mind.