Future Conferences

Date: Saturday 23rd September 2017
Location:  Quality Hotel,  Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9BA

Main Conference Adult’s Conference
Session 1
Galactosaemia - diagnosis and management
Dr Saikat Santra, Consultant in Clinical IMD,
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Overcoming social problems in Galactosaemia and building your confidence
Lynne Aitkenhead
Clinical Psychologist University College Hospital, London
Supporting speech and language development in children with Galactosaemia
Zara Betts
Speech and language therapist / GSG mum
Fertility & future options
Dr Charlotte Dawson
Consultant in Metabolic Medicine,
QE University Hospital, Birmingham
Coffee Break
Session 2
Hormones, fertility & future options
Dr Charlotte Dawson
Consultant in Metabolic Medicine
QE University Hospital, Birmingham
How to give a great interview - ‘every time’!
Jacky Elliott
Human Resources Manager
New International Guidelines / The GSG’s advice on cheddar cheese.
Pat Portnoi, GSG Dietitian
Dealing with problems and “bullying” in the workplace
Lynne Aitkenhead / Nadia Holt-Jackson
Session 3
AGM & Launch of the New GSG Website Mock Interviews / How to write the perfect CV
Brian Brooker, Deputy Manager
Jacky Elliott, Human Resources Manager &
Alexandra Murgatroyd, GSG Parent
Motor co-ordination, mood & social problems in galactosaemia
Dr Imogen Newsom-Davis
Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Neurodevelopmental Psychology
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
Tea Break & Plant Milk Tasting
Session 4
My Life with Galactosaemia
Aimee Wrate, Adult Galactosaemic
My Life with Galactosaemia
Rob Watts, Adult Galactosaemic
Help and Support at School, College and University
Nadia Holt-Jackson, Vice-principal, SENCO and sister of adult galactosaemic
Meeting with school dinner services / Coping with your diet at College and University
Dr Anita MacDonald, Consultant Dietitian in IMD

We are sorry but places for the conference 2017 are now closed.

Don't forget to put your questions to us live on the GSG Facebook forum for the adult conference and the GSG Twitter account for the main conference with #GSGUK2017. We will ask the professionals as many as posible and reply to you.