Information for tourists

If you are planning on visiting the UK the following ‘Diet Passport’ translation can be used to inform a restaurant that you require a lactose free meal. Print out this page and show it to your server or the chef.

Alternatively, download and show the PDF version of the diet passport below. Download the Tourist Information document here. [Link leads to PDF file 107kb]

I have a metabolic disease called Galactosaemia and must keep to a strict LACTOSE FREE diet. It is therefore very important that my food is always completely MILK FREE (LACTOSE FREE).
Lactose is mainly found in milk, butter, margarine, cheese, yoghurt, cream, etc. and must be avoided.
Any ingredients that mention the words lactose (milk sugar), whey, curd or animal fat must be avoided as well.
Can you prepare food for me without lactose?
Lactofree products are NOT suitable
Thank you for your help!

The Diet Passport is available in other languages from the EGS (European Galactosaemia Society) website